Jean Gibbs

The  local election for Iowa House District 44 will affect not only our lives but those of our children.  As Iowans tackle the difficult decisions that lie ahead, Dave Lorenzen’s years of law enforcement experience and the fact that his wife Cheryl, Is a teacher, will be priceless as he defends the Iowa way of life we cherish.  He will back our police and advocate for safe  communities with quality schools.  He will fight for lower taxes and accessible health care.  Dave is an honest man of integrity, and I trust him.  He will uphold Republican and Iowa values.  Your vote is so important.  Vote for Dave Lorenzen Iowa House District 44.


Waukee resident Jean Gibbs

Waukee Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

The Waukee Chamber of Commerce is holding a virtual candidate forum for House District 44 that will be broadcast online on October 15 at 7:00 PM.